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LINUS PAULING (1901 – 1994).

American chemical engineer two times Nobel Prize winner 1954 and 1962 respectively, one for his work on chemistry and the second for Peace.  Was the first to apply quantum mechanics to chemistry and made great advances on molecular biology. He was the first to use quantum physics to study the chemistry.

Known today as one of the greatest scientists of humanity.

In 1968, Dr. Linus Pauling used the term Orthomolecular Medicine for the first time and introduced the idea of treating sick people by restoring the physiological balance of naturally occurring substances in the body.  An innovative idea in medicine, which was reflected in his early work on vitamin C and cancer, reaches enough resonance to cause a controversy over this issue and started generating fans who continued to investigate on the rest of the nutrients.

Another unique aspect in Dr. Linus Pauling, is the diversity of his research.  Dr. Pauling moved into different areas, making notable contributions in quantum mechanics, quantum chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and medicine, providing outstanding contributions in the borders between these areas.

Today the Orthomolecular Medicine is widely recognized and accepted by many doctors and therapists, being among the most recognized schools in the UK, France, Canada and Spain.