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Scientific studies have shown that there are forty substances the human body does not produce and are required to a proper function of it.

On our daily nutrition the excessive use of fertilizers and insecticides have depleted these nutrients in our soil so it is necessary to take nutritional supplements through because otherwise what we consume daily, the body will take no reserve in the bones, nerves and internal organs, causing cell degeneration and thus the disease.

How many products does the Orthomolecular Medicine and Nutrition have?

Currently Orthomolecular Medicine and Nutrition, is a company that produces products recommended by Dr. Teresa Garcia Villareal and has 43 products fully supervised and approved by the doctor herself, ensuring a complete quality and functionality of the products. Concurrently the products recommended by doctor contain a security hologram image, thus avoiding any kind of piracy and blackmail these people trying to sell something saying that they are licensed products from the doctor.

Are products of Orthomolecular Medicine expensive?

No, Orthomolecular Medicine products are very accessible to the general public, taking into account the thousands of dollars that a person can spend on drug treatment of very high price.