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Teresa G. Villareal the introducer of Orthomolecular Medicine in Mexico graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico as Chemist, Pharmacist and Biologist.

It has experience of over 30 years of research and expertise in this area and based on the findings of Dr. Linus Pauling, the founder of Ortho Molecular Medicine develops original products in Mexico, which Orthomolecular Medicine and Nutrition offers.

Dr. Pauling emphasizes in his studies, which made him win the Nobel Prize, the need for nutrients to treat conditions and diseases.  Teresa Villareal developed based on these studies formulas and original products that work without doubt.

His scientific research was also based on studies of the Nutritionist Adelle Davis, Teresa Villareal, performed more that 22,000 field practices with people with high nutritional deficiencies, such as the metabolic syndrome (obesity, diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular problems).  With his studies in chemistry Teresa Villareal achieved the creation of protocols needed to cover the nutritional deficiencies of each condition, thus contributing to improving the welfare and life quality to many people.

Orthomolecular Medicine and Nutrition should be regarded as revolutionary and innovative, because through them, providing the correct nutrients to the body that are deficient or missing. Orthomolecular Medicine and Nutrition will get the proper nutriments for the cell and thus the sufferings and pains can be eradicated quickly.

Orthomolecular Medicine and Nutrition have shown results in several clinical cases which have been solved and controlled. These may find cases of diabetes, epilepsy, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, nervousness, fatigue, obesity and others.